Forbidden and Alaysia Reviews

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--Alaysia is an epic adventure. I really liked that this book was written with multiple different perspectives. Kriya and Liam were both particularly interesting characters to follow on this journey. I was stunned constantly during the beginning of this book, as all of my expectations were blown away.

---I like that Alaysia feels both like urban fantasy in that half the cast is from earth living normal earth lives until the start of the story, but Alaysia itself reminds me more of an epic fantasy adventure, my favorite thing to read. This book starts off with intrigue and mystery, and it only builds. It is a super fun and exciting adventure that was a blast to read. (Courtesy of USA Book Reviews).

--Alaysia is a quick and enjoyable read. It follows the story of Kirya as she learns of new worlds and her destiny among them. Alaysia is an enchanting world full of unheard animals and creatures. Alaysia is a great beach read and a great YA novel. I was hooked after Chapter 1 and couldn't wait to find out how the story finally ended. I am hoping Patel will consider continuing Kriya's adventure in a follow-up novel!--Sabrina Jaffe

Forbidden (poetry) Reviews:

I do not have formal reviews at this time, however many of my closest friends and colleagues loved it.

--Frank Samolis an attorney in DC, has stated that "I loved the poems! Shraddha is a very sensitive soul."

--Mangla Patel, "I really liked Shraddha's poems, but I couldn't put down Alaysia until I got to the end of it."